Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lollipop- 2NE1 & Big Bang

This was accually a promotion for a cellphone that was in Korea. This song is accually pretty popular and there were debates on weather or not it should be on No. 1 music charts because it is an advertisement. It did hit No. 1 on several charts though.

2NE1 pronounced like "to anyone" or "21"
Big Bang is a Korean Boy band group and 2NE1 girls Korean group. 2NE1 is a fairly new group.

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reina said...

I'm currently listening to the song. I love Big Bang. They're always adorable. <3 The girls (2NE1) are cute too. I particularly love Sandara Park. She rose to stardom in the Philippines, but she returned to Korea, and I just heard the news that she joined YG Entertainment. I believe she has really improved a lot. ^^ *2NE1, aja!*