Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wapred Tour '09 Bonner (Boner) Springs Kansas

It's been almost a week since I found myself at Warped Tour. This was a second year going so i had more of an idea of what to really expect. To be honest I wasn't really excited since I had just gone to a concert four days earlier. I was there from start to finish. I was able to party my face off with four hours of sleep and no food for two days. In return I met some amazing bands, got a sunburn, and had a great time!
Lets just say a cold shower and my bed never felt better.

30h!3- PunkBitch
They were the first band i saw that day. I was second row and totally didn't mind being suffocated and sweated on.

Millionaires- I Like Money
They said "Whatever" alot...

Nevershoutnever!- Happy
He was the last person to perform that day. He was so sweat and adorable. What a great way to end the day. I'm glad I got to see him perform a second time. I only wish I was able to meet him.

I also saw:
Black Tide
Forever The Sickest Kids

The Veronicas- Untouched (Live)

I recently wently to a concert at Six Flags in Eureka MO.
The Line Up:
The Veronicas
The Academy Is...
Gym Class Heroes
Boys Like Girls (I left before they were on the stage to go ride Mr. Freeze and The Batman again.)